Pauline Theology (Book)

In 1974 Dr. Bragg completed his book entitled, Pauline Theology.  This work was intended to assist students in their understanding on the writings and doctrinal teachings of the Apostle Paul.  The Bragg family has graciously allowed this work to reside in the public domain, remaining accessible to biblical scholars and students. 

Pauline Theology (2004, 1974)

The following is the preface from Pauline Theology:     


There are two primary purposes in offering to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ another book on Pauline Theology.

First, there is a real need of a new emphasis on Paul’s particular teachings on the subject of Christian victory: the fact that a believer may and should be filled with the Holy Spirit; that, in fact, God commands it; and that a believer will be judged by Christ for the defeat in his Christian life if he does not go on in his experience to spiritual manhood, "to grow up into Christ in all things" (Ephesians 4:15). Paul is the great revelator of the believer’s riches in Christ.

Second, there is a further need for a criterion, a touchstone, to determine just what church truth is. The church has always had, and now has much more, conflicting and contradictory teachings advanced, with scriptural proofs, heralded as church doctrine. Is there a real criterion? Paul says emphatically, "Yes." It is his own epistles, given unto him by "revelation of Jesus Christ." He pronounces an anathema upon any deviation from that by angels, men or even himself. This he does on the authority that "a dispensation was committed to him" and that he was "the apostle to the Gentiles," and that "he was put in trust with the gospel." Throughout this volume we shall enlarge upon this theme: "Go to Paul's epistles to get your church doctrine."

We trust this volume will be found beneficial as a textbook on Pauline Theology. It is perforce only an outline study, allowing much room for classroom enlargement. We dedicate it to the glory of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and commit it to the Holy Spirit’s trust.

Dr. Ervene C. Bragg

Trinity College

February 27, 1974

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