Trinity College of Florida offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. The program is intended to provide a foundation in psychological theory and practice from a Christian perspective.  We seek to provide the student with a basic understanding of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings and historical trends in psychology.  A scientific perspective provides a basic understanding of research methods in psychology, data analysis and interpretation.  The students develop research skills through the exploration and development of research questions and by conducting their own research.  Christian values and ethics are integrated into and applied within the study of psychology as a scientific discipline.

As a Psychology Major at Trinity:  

  • Students learn how to apply psychological theory and knowledge to real life situations including Christian ministry opportunities.
  • Students develop critical thinking skills.
  • Students learn about the scientific method and apply those skills to a major research project.
  • Students learn how to write using the APA criteria and academic standards for research and publishing.
  •  Students have an opportunity to develop leadership skills by participating in internships.
  • Students begin to develop career goals and to seek employment or to enter graduate programs in psychology.
  • Students are encouraged to become student members of professional organizations for psychologists including: Christian Association for Psychological Studies and The American Psychological Association.
  • Students are encouraged to become members of the on campus psychology club at Trinity.

For more information on specific course descriptions, visit the Academic Catalog

Meet our Department head, Dr. Elizabeth Warfel

Read here about the Psychology Department in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Psychology Links:

Christian Association for Psychological Studies

American Psychological Association

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