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The President's Circle

The Question to Ponder…

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I am confident you have asked many questions over your lifetime and you have asked countless questions.  The following is THE question to ponder:

“…You know how to analyze the appearance of the earth and the sky, but why do you not analyze this present time?”  Luke 12:56 NASB

This question is asked by Jesus as He talks about being unprepared for His coming.  He speaks about being “dressed in readiness” (Luke 12:35) and the realities of division, accountability, and settling issues now (Luke 12:48-49).  Within these subjects, He poses the question in the midst of people discerning the weather patterns. “Why do you not analyze this present time?”  He was stressing the urgency of the hour, the importance of focus, and priority.  This is a reality for us to address NOW!

There are three overarching truths about His coming.  No matter your position or understanding of eschatology, one cannot escape these realities:

  1. The Issue of Time.  It is clear that His coming is closer than it was yesterday.  No one knows the time or hour, but it is closer.  You can count on this.  “You too, be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not expect.”  (Luke 12:40 NASB)   His coming is closer than it has ever been -  period.  Time is uniquely different now as never before.
  2. The Issue of Intensity.  Never has there been so much occurring at so many levels.  One might say, “Well, we have high tech communication ability now, so we know more and we know it quicker.”  This is true, however, the population of the earth has increased by billions over the last few years.  That in itself brings more problems, stress, and intensity.  Demands are up!  You see and feel them every day and every way.  Did not Daniel say: “…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase?” (Daniel 12:4) We are in the midst of all this … it is happening before our very eyes.
  3. The Issue of Speed.  We go faster, longer, and higher in every spectrum of life. The metrics from the Knowledge Doubling Curve records this:

“Before 1900, the accumulation of knowledge doubled every century.  By the end of WWII, it was every 25 years.  Today it is every 18 months.  IBM predicts that within a few years, doubling rates will be by the day, even by the hour.”

Our capacity to digest, analyze, and transmit information will be challenged.  We will reach a point where man has never been.  What will happen?

His coming is nearer than it has ever been!  Have we individually answered the question of Jesus:  “Why do you not analyze this present time?”  The timing of this moment, the intensity of this day, and the speed of living today points to His Coming soon!  Are you ready?  Are you looking?  What are we doing as we wait for Him?

The Latest Happenings

The opening of the Florida College of Missionary Aviation was held on Saturday, July 11, 2015, at the Keystone Heights Municipal Airport. Property has been leased and hangar construction has begun. Your president participated in the festivities and brought the Prayer of Dedication. Thirteen students are beginning their pursuit of a pilot’s license and actual aviation experience along with a strong foundation in the Bible. Tim Huggins, President of the Florida College of Missionary Aviation, has brought together individuals from all experiences of life – education, pilots, pastors, and other professionals – to make this a reality. Classes are held at the Friendship Bible Church in Keystone Heights, Florida. Many of the faculty and staff are supporters of Trinity College of Florida.

A three-phase development (360 acres) north of the College has been approved that will involve restaurants, stores, recreational areas, housing, theaters, and much more. This will provide students attending Trinity incredible access to work possibilities and social activities.

The CBMC-Pasco (Christian Business Men’s Connections) will be meeting regularly on campus each week as they begin this new chapter.

The Tampa Tribune published an article on our basketball team. Coach Rob Oppedisano was featured, in addition to our students. He explains the fundamentals of our sport’s emphasis and desire for excellence.

Dr. Dennis Cox, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President have been meeting with personnel over the summer for the purpose of gathering counsel, information, and “next step strategies” for regional accreditation. An ABHE consultant and SACS chairperson of an accrediting team have been in discussions with leadership at the College.

Improvements in classroom electronics and information technology have occurred during the summer. Flat TV screens have been put in place with enhanced computer technology available to the professor.

A new dishwasher has been installed in the cafeteria area.

The road leading to the residence hall has been leveled and crushed asphalt has been applied. The Chapel and classrooms in the Raymond H. Center MD Library have been painted and new carpeting is in the process of being installed.

 Admissions reports that approximately 50 new students are expected in the traditional program and TrinityQuest is anticipating 25 new students for the beginning of the new school year.

Spring Engineering has notified Trinity that approval has been received from Pasco County to extend the existing permit expiration date for the residence hall project to March 26, 2019.

A gift of $100,000 has been received for the Life Change Scholarship presented at the 2015 Annual Banquet in May. This assistance is significant for those students who have completed their financial aid and other financial requirements and still are in need of additional funds to assist them in their pursuit of a Biblical education at Trinity College of Florida.

Thirty students and other individuals recently completed an educational study tour in England. Leadership and teaching were provided by the C.S. Lewis Society along with Dr. Tom Woodward and Dr. Eric Bargerhuff. The grandson of C. S. Lewis, Doug Gresham, also attended.

Prayers That Are Needed …

Pray for Dr. Stuart Parsons, Chair of Bible and Theology, who will be presenting a scholarly paper about early Christian biblical interpretation at the 17th International Conference on Patristic Studies at Oxford University in England, August 10-14, 2015.

Pray that admissions goals for both the traditional and degree completion programs will be achieved. Mr. Tim Bettelli, Director for Admissions and Marketing, and Dr. John Zuch, Associate Dean of Adult Education, along with their staff need your support during these critical last days of searching for prospective students who are making last minute decisions.

Pray for the final funding to begin construction of the new Student Residence Hall. The need is 1.3 million dollars (two million already raised).

Pray for the Faculty & Staff Retreat at Calvary Church, East Lake Campus. The theme is: “Getting a Fresh Start … the Challenges Before Us.”  The date is Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

Pray for Student Orientation August 14-16, 2015. Classes begin August 17, 2015.

Pray for the 2015 Convocation, Getting a Fresh Start, August 21, 2015.

Something to think about:  More than 40% of American students at four-year colleges don’t finish in six years.”  Chronicle of Higher Education

Serving with you,


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