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The President's Circle

There is a Shortage …

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Do you remember the gas shortage years ago?  In different parts of the United States, the shortage was addressed by purchasing fuel every other day, by using licensing plate numbers to gain access to gas stations, and even by knowing a retailer who would sell you fuel at night with the lights off at his station.  In fact this happened to me … I would be called at night, get fuel in the darkness behind rental trucks for secrecy, and scamper away with a full tank!

And then there was the alleged shortage of toilet tissue and possible shortages in peanut butter or coffee.  And now we have been told that a honey shortage is on the horizon due to a decline in honey bees.  No doubt, there will be other shortages in the days to come.

However, there is a real shortage that is affecting every human being.  It is a clear and present danger for mankind and more challenging than any melting polar cap.  The shortage is as follows:

  1. Genuine Brokenness.  There is a shortage of “brokenness” over what we see in the world today. Too few hearts are “broken” over what is occurring in our United States, the racial tension in cities, the challenge of authority, and the disrespect for a nation that provides freedom to say what you want.  Then there is the inability of the church to muster the courage to take a stand, speak a word, or plan an action against unrighteousness and sin. Where are the hearts of women and men?  Do we tolerate or take a stand - a stand that is filled with compassion, truth, and godliness?  The Christian Research Institute made a statement recently that the reason that Christians were unable to take a “position” or stand on an issue is because they really never learned how to “sit” before the Lord!  They never understood how to listen and learn before doing something!  One national commentator said that he longed for a spiritual leader to give national leadership in complex issues.  Prejudices, dislikes, rut mentalities, inaccurate understandings and responses reign.  Where is the brokenness?
  2. Godly Sorrow.  Not only the need for brokenness is lacking, but also the genuine sense that we have done wrong, sinned before Almighty God.  There are times when people are “caught,” but they sense or feel no remorse.  They are simply sorry or regretful they got caught.  If they could, they would repeat the same action or attitude.  They do not have the same response as David when he said:  “Against You, You only, have I sinned and done this evil in Your sight…” Psalm 51:4 NKJ
  3. To Change of Heart that leads to a Change in Behavior.   There is a great deal of rhetoric, but change is not seen.  A different mindset does not appear and no alteration of activities occurs.  Things are said but nothing changes. It is simply the “same old, same old!”

In Summary, there is a shortage of spiritual brokenness, godly sorrow, and a change of heart, attitude, and behavior.  Millard J. Erickson writes:

“…real repentance includes all three factors: recognizing the nature of the sin and accepting responsibility for it (the intellectual element); feeling godly sorrow for having wronged God (the emotional element); and determining to change one’s action (the volitional element).”

Confession of sin to God, the forsaking of sin, and the turning to God are in very short supply today.  This is a real shortage that affects every detail of society.

If this shortage would end, all heaven would be glad, pardon and forgiveness would blossom, and the Holy Spirit would be poured out. Revival would appear!  What would our nation be like before the world? What could be accomplished to complete the Great Commission?  Let us begin in our “Jerusalem” and let the fire and passion of purity spread under the anointing of the Almighty!  May it start with ME!

Here's What's Happening

Bits and Pieces:

A soccer camp is on campus the week of June 29. IT enhancements are being made to offices and classrooms. New monitors are being installed with additional hardware capacity. A new Strategic Plan will be formed for 2016-2021. The President of Pasco Hernando State College attended the Annual Banquet and is participating in the Life Change Scholarship. He will also be speaking in Chapel. Special luncheons are taking place on campus for staff. Dr. Tom Woodward and his wife, Normandy, ministered in Japan in May. Along with Dr. and Mrs. Eric Bargerhuff, they will be leading a group of 30 to England for a study tour.

Several on the Board of Trustees, along with the Vice President for Business and Finance, are conducting a thorough review of the cost associated with our proposed new Student Residence Hall. Consultation with Scherer Construction & Engineering of West Florida, LLC, is underway. Permits are being extended to 2019. The President is updating the progress to all our potential residence hall donors.

Admissions personnel for both our Traditional and Degree Completion programs are working closely with prospective students for the fall. Our goal is 75 new students.

These new staff members have been added to our ranks:

Dr. Joe Allotta. Joe will serve as the Campus Pastor and the Director of Church Ministries. He graduated with the Trinity class of 2006 and went on to complete his M.Div. and D.Min. at Liberty University.

Mrs. Leslie Rewald is acting Chairperson of the Counseling Program and will direct Trinity’s online program. Leslie has been active as an instructor for Quest. She earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from Reformed Theological Seminary.

A gift of $50,000 was received to assist the College in meeting summer operational needs. This gift is extremely helpful at this time. Praise to our wonderful Heavenly Father!

The new St. Petersburg center for TrinityQuest is now located on the campus of the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks.

The 2015 Faculty and Staff Retreat will be held at Calvary Church, East Lake Campus, on August 5, 2015. This beautiful facility is available to our College due to the generosity of Dr. Willy Rice, Lead Pastor of Calvary Church in Clearwater, and Rev. Danny Bennett, host pastor of the East Lake campus.  ABHE’s Dr. Ronald C. Kroll, Director of the Commission on Accreditation, will be with us.

Through the leadership of Dr. Beverly Lucas, former Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas, understanding of the details in working toward regional accreditation was presented. As a coach and consultant, she provided Trinity College of Florida with insight into the next steps.

For Your Calendar

New Student Orientation: August 15-17

Classes Begin: August 17

Convocation: August 21

Prayers That Are Needed …

Pray for the students who are making decisions in continuing their education at Trinity College of Florida, especially those who have experienced the closure of Clearwater Christian College. Pray for their president, leadership team, faculty, and staff.

Pray for Mr. Tim Bettelli and Dr. John Zuch and their teams as they reach out to potential students this summer.

Pray for the remainder of funds necessary to begin our new Student Residence Hall. The goal is 1.3 million dollars. Over 2 million dollars have been raised.

Pray for spiritual renewal for our Administration, Faculty, and Staff, that all will experience “times of refreshing” from the Lord.

“Young Irishman Joseph Scriven (1820-1886) was deeply in love with a young woman, and their marriage plans had been made. The night before their wedding however, she drowned in a tragic accident. For months Scriven was bitter, in utter despair. At last he turned to Christ, and through His grace found peace and comfort. Out of this experience he wrote the familiar hymn that has brought consolation to millions of aching hearts: ‘What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!’”

Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham

Now this is something to think about!  What is He doing in and around your life that will help multitudes in the days to come? The pain, the hurt, the mystery, the trouble, the problems, and all the issues orbiting you are being used by the Divine. You do not realize how important you are to the Plan of God!!!

Walking with you,


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